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Swim Lesson Levels

Aquababies: Parent and Child, Ages 6 months - 3 years
Introduces basic skills to parents and children. Parents are taught to safely work with their child in the water, including how to appropriately support & hold their child in the water and how to prepare & encourage their child to participate fully and try the skills.
Preschool: Ages 3 - 5 years
Basic elementary aquatics skills are introduced. Most skills in this level are performed with assistance. This level marks the beginning of independent aquatic locomotion skills. Children explore using simultaneous and altering arm and leg actions on the front and back.
Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills, Ages 5 - 7 years
Orientation to aquatic environment; participants will work on elementary aquatic skills including developing positive attitudes, good swimming habits and safe practices in and around the water.
Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills, Ages 5 - 7 years
Participants learn to float without support and to recover to a vertical position. This level marks the beginning of true locomotion skills. Participants further develop simultaneous and alternation arm and leg actions on the front and back that lay the foundation for future strokes.
Level 3: Stoke Development, Ages 7 and up
Students learn the survival float, swim the front crawl and elementary backstroke. Intro to the scissors and dolphin kicks and build on the fundamentals of treading water.
Level 4/5: Stroke Improvement/Refinement, Ages 7 and up
Participants improve their skills and increase their endurance by swimming familiar strokes (front crawl, elementary backstroke) for greater distances. Participants add the arms to the scissors kick for the sidestroke. Participants also start to learn the back crawl, breaststroke and butterfly and the basis of turning at a wall.

*Class level is determined by age and ability. If you are unsure of your child's level or have any questions, contact Karen Feely, Aquatics Director at 845-896-5678 ext. 104.

Swim, First Aid, Lifeguard Courses

Lifeguard Training
All Sport offers aquatic certification programs, including Lifeguard and CPR/First Aid Training. Students receive certifications in CPR, First Aid and Life Guarding. Endurance swimming, strong swimming and prevention of accidents are heavily emphasized.

Lifeguard Recert Training
Lifeguard Re-certification course. Must hold a current American Red Cross Certification. Ages 15 & up.

HCP - Recert CPR
This level is for LIFEGUARDS.
Includes 1 and 2 person CPR, child and infant CPR and obstructed airway management. Instructor: Andy DiLuvio

CPR/AED Heartsaver
American Heartsaver CPR class. Includes 1 person and child CPR and obstructed airway management. Instructor: Andy DiLuvio

Water Safety Instructor (WSI)
American Red Cross WSI course. Instructor training includes performing and teaching swimming and diving skills. Ages 16 & up.

Pool Fitness Classes

Aqua Boogie: Get in the pool and start dancing to some great new music!
DEEP WATER: Aerobic and muscle toning exercises done in the deep end of the pool while wearing a flotation device.
DEEP WATER COMBO: is a combination of Waterworks and Deep Water.
H2O BodyBlast: High intensity water fitness program that provides the benefits of a pool, with little to no impact on joints and expands lung capacity, as well as benefits of weight and resistance training of a traditional gym! This is special because it isa cross-training of swimming, water aerobics, modified plyometrics, and traditional strength and cardio exercises.
WATERWORKS: Aerobics in the pool. Non-swimmers are welcome. Includes toning exercises.
50+ WATERWORKS: is designed for our members 50 yrs. and older.

Free Classes!

In addition to having access to All Sport's amazing facilities, members can take specialized classes for free!

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