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Members and guests are always welcome to book massages at All Sport Health and Fitness.

A professional massage therapist will make your visit relaxing, enjoyable and rejuvenating.

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Jackie MarcinJackie Marcin is a graduate of Finger Lakes School of Massage, is a caring and passionate individual with a desire to help people with the healing power of massage. Jackie is well versed in various massage styles, which include: Swedish, Sports, Trigger Point, Prenatal, Deep Tissue, and Connective Tissue. 

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All Sport Amenities

Sauna and Steam RoomsEnjoy the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of our sauna and steam rooms.

Hot Tubs:Visit our indoor or outdoor hot tube for you to let your mind go and just soak it all in.

Take Time Out For You

Let massage be a part of your fitness and total body wellness routine. Our licensed therapists reduce stress, and aches and pains through customized massage treatments with a focus on each person’s individual needs.

Be good to yourself. You deserve it!

Massage Treatments

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is commonly used for relaxation and/or stress reduction. It utilizes long, gentle strokes and increases blood circulation and lymphatic flow. This type is recommended for preventative maintenance as an ideal way to keep the mind, body and spirit in a healthy and pain-free state. (Also perfect for those who have never before received a professional massage and may be unsure of which type of session they would prefer.)
60 min. = $80
90 min = $125

Deep Tissue/Medical Massage

Deep Tissue/Medical Massage may help reduce or relieve pain by addressing deeper tissue structures of the muscles and fascia. This technique also addresses adhesions (knots) and/or trigger points in a focused, detailed manner, improving pain management while aiding taught bands (tight muscles) in becoming more pliable and more relaxed. Sessions may include full-body treatments or target specific areas/muscles for the entire length of the session to ensure the issue(s) are adequately addressed.
60 min. = $80
90 min. = $120

Sports Massage

Sports Massage Specific areas of the body are addressed according to the sport of the athlete. This type of massage helps prepare the athlete for peak performance and prevent injuries. The therapist may incorporate various techniques including, but not limited to, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology, etc.
60 min. = $80
90 min. = $120


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