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About MedX at All Sport Health and Fitness


What is MedX?

MedX is the isolation and strengthening of the muscles aroud the spine. This program has beenproven to help 80% of the people recommended for back surgery become completely pain free. For more information on the program click the video to the right.


Lumbar Machine

With the Lumbar machine we are able to relieve lower back pain that 90% of americans suffer from. This is an example of a 3 minute pain free treatrment that participants do once a week.


Cervical Machine

With the Cervical machine we are able to relieve neck pain and stiffness.

    Below are a few testimomials from current participants in the MedX program. As well as some of the qualified technicians who are here to meet your needs.



I have been participating in the MedX program for many years, and highly recommend it to anyone with chronic back pain. As a result of MedX treatment, the muscles in my back are much stronger and I rarely have lower back pain. Since starting with MedX, I have gone on to participate in daily gym activities that would have been impossible for me to do before the MedX Lumbar Program.

- Terry, All Sport Member

My reason for starting MedX was due to my diagnosis of osteoporosis. From reading literature I knew that weight-bearing exercise is beneficial for increasing bone density. Since I started MedX, the bone density in my back has increased significantly to the point that I now have osteopenia rather than osteoporosis. I believe my strong back muscles have also contributed to me having a stronger core. Besides the physical benefits of MedX, a well trained and knowledgeable staff keeps me coming back to the MedX Center for Back and Neck Wellness at All Sport.

- Pat, MedX patient since 2012



MedX Treatment Team

Karen Riner

Karen is the Coordinator of the MedX Wellness Center at All Sport. She has been with the group since its onset in 2004.  She has been instrumental in maintaining quality care and is devoted to working toward successful outcomes for all patients. Karen is experienced and compassionate and uses her expertise to implement all phases of the Med-X program. Karen is an avid tennis player and pursues a healthy way of life.

Tina Amacher

Tina has been a MedX Technician since August 2010. Tina has been an active fitness trainer for over ten years. She is a mother of three and enjoys hiking; yoga, running and helping others live a healthy lifestyle.

Aimee Brower

Aimee has been a MedX Technician since October 2015.  Aimee also has two Power Pilates Mat certifications. She is passionate about helping others reach their fullest potential.

Nina Zioli

Nina has been a MedX Technician since September 2005.  She also works part time as an Exercise Specialist at a cardiac/pulmonary rehabilitation center.  Nina helps patients to return to a healthy lifestyle through excellent care, encouragement and professional individual attention.  Nina believes that life should be lived to the fullest.



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